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FoodCorps Publications

FoodCorps Handbook

FoodCorps Handbook is a guide to the essential program requirements and opportunities for FoodCorps service members and service sites.

FoodCorps Program Guide

FoodCorps Program Guide is a set of resources for FoodCorps service members, designed to support effective FoodCorps programming in schools.

FoodCorps Lessons

FoodCorps lessons are for service members to use with their ongoing classes to meet the hands-on lessons requirement.

Sprout Scouts

Sprout Scouts is a kids club for elementary students aimed at helping them learn what healthy food is through hand-on activities. This resource was developed in partnership with Life Lab.


Hands-on Lessons

Resources to support leading hands-on food education in the garden, classroom and school.

Healthy School Meals

Resources to support cafeteria role modeling, salad bar and lunch line design, local sourcing, and recipe development.

Culture of Health

Schoolwide Culture of Health

Resources to support planning celebrations and events, schoolwide healthy food promotion, and fundraisers.

Official FoodCorps Tools

Documents related to service including HR Forms, Policies, and more.

Culture, Equity & Race

Resources related to culture, equity, diversity and inclusion   

Alumni Resources and Career Planning

Alumni Resources and Career Planning

Alumni resources on continuing education and career development.